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Cloud solutions from SAP integrate seamlessly with on-premise solutions to maximize agility and eliminate the need for major IT investments – making them ideally suited for medium size organizations and the subsidiary network of large corporations.

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They delivered what they promised on time and in a cost-efficient manner making them a highly desirable service provider that we would recommend to any small to medium sized business considering an ERP Solution such as SAP.

In 2016 Empire Oil & Gas NL identified the requirement for an ERP System capable of managing the growing requirements of our business. DyFlex were engaged to implement SAP which suited the needs of a medium sized Oil & Gas company such as ours.

The team at DyFlex had an excellent knowledge of Oil & Gas Industry practices, processes and applicable SAP solutions which addressed all the challenges of our business.

Empire Oil & Gas

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Is your business too big for your outdated system?

When organisations experience a period of rapid growth there are many important issues that are front of mind. However, organisations rarely consider whether their outdated systems are equipped to handle the expanse of their business. Like a well-worn pair of shoes, your outdated systems are comfortable and familiar – but become limited and strained as the business continues to grow. These limitations include: Difficulty locating information across multiple systems An inability to meet increasing demand due to slower systems processes; and Increased time reconciling incorrect data across multiple platforms. Outdated systems hold back the potential of growing companies because they… more

4 Dec, 2017

Seeing double: the problem of duplicated data

Duplicated data occurs when an organisation has two or more disparate systems. These systems have no integration between them, meaning data needs to be entered manually multiple times. It is interfaced on a method that isn’t based on real-time data, and often requires cross-checking with other systems to verify the accuracy. Furthermore, because these disparate systems do not talk to one another, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the data occur frequently. When a record is updated on one system, that update does not automatically reflect across all systems.  Not only is this process a waste of time and money for the… more

2 Nov, 2017

Don’t run your business blindly: How to regain complete organisational visibility over your disparate systems

Would you ever cross a busy road wearing a blindfold? Of course not! If you can’t see where you’re going, you definitely can’t see the oncoming traffic speeding towards you. Without complete visibility, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. So, why do some businesses have this attitude when it comes to running their organisation? In order to make informed, and important, business decisions, you need reliable, accurate, real-time data. However, if you’re like most managers, you probably need to access two, three, or maybe even four systems to find the data you need. This problem stems from a lack of… more

3 Aug, 2017

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