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Geographe Enterprises innovates with SAP S/4HANA

"Go with DyFlex if you want someone who's reliably going to be candid with you about their capabilities, the magnitude of effort it will take to implement a solution, what kind of training you're going to require and how they are able to help. Go with DyFlex for SAP. That's as simple as it gets." - Sam Hyder, CEO, Geographe Enterprises.

Geographe drives innovation and competitive edge with SAP S/4HANA Intelligent Cloud ERP

A transformation snapshot

Geographe never stands still. As the mining industry bore the global pandemic's impact, Geographe chose to invest in its future and gain a competitive advantage. In line with core company values, it innovated and transformed its business with the early adoption of SAP S/4HANA. Leveraging the scale and agility of the cloud, Geographe reaps operational efficiencies and continues to exceed customer expectations whilst positioning itself for the next wave of integrating AI into the business.

The business drivers

Geographe has been innovating and reinventing itself for over fifty years. Today, Geographe is an industry leader providing high-performance machinery parts for the mining and resources sector. Their focus on excellence and innovation has enabled Geographe to develop refined offerings and unique engineering solutions for clients across the globe.

A traditional on-premises ERP system had served them well. However, with the evolution of operational processes across the business, legacy systems did not meet Geographe’s needs. Geographe was experiencing the typical pain points of ageing on-premises software, such as productivity disruptions due to systems not being integrated and the inability to trust data from disparate sources.

"We want a single source of data and advanced analytics to give us access to insights and trending data to inform our innovation agenda," said Sam Hyder, CEO, Geographe Enterprises.

A significant decision factor to upgrade the technology was the maintenance and upgrade costs of the existing SAP ERP Central Component, which is nearing the end of mainstream support.

The Solution

To help deliver on its strategic goals and support its ambitions, Geographe needed to standardise its business processes on an intelligent infrastructure for ERP. Geographe sought a solution with proven performance in manufacturing and ubiquity amongst its customer bases and SAP remains its software of choice. Geographe went all in and moved to an integrated and intelligent ERP built on SAP S/4HANA Cloud to replace the legacy SAP ECC.

The right implementation partner was critical to Geographe’s successful implementation and adoption of SAP S/4HANA. True to its innovative nature, Geographe was the first customer in Western Australia, and the first manufacturing customer in Australia and New Zealand, to deploy SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Geographe selected SAP Platinum Partner, DyFlex Solutions, to partner with them on the implementation journey and for ongoing support.

"It was all about the DyFlex attitude as opposed to necessarily just looking at the aptitude, experience, or the expertise on hand because that would be minimum table stakes," said Sam Hyder, CEO, Geographe Enterprises.

The outcome

The successful move to SAP S/4Hana has brought substantial value to Geographe. The solution provides a single unified database connecting Geographe’s entire SAP software landscape. The use of APIs integrates third-party line of business applications as Geographe incrementally move to SAP equivalent offerings.

"We are currently going through some changes to bring our external software and convert it over to SAP offering for the same functionality and feature set because we feel that the offering Is becoming more and more conducive to everyday use," said Hyder.

This integration enables precise measurement of crucial performance metrics, improving on-time deliveries and expediting product innovations. Real-time data access has improved forecasting accuracy, empowering Geographe to anticipate customer demand confidently and optimise operational resources accordingly. Integrated capacity planning streamlines production, inventory, and supply chains, enhancing responsiveness to market shifts. Centralised inventory management through process automation reduces inventory footprint while improving delivery times, marking a pivotal advancement for Geographe's efficiency and customer service. Notably, improved resource planning slashed product lead times by 50%.

One integrated and intelligent ERP built on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, provides a scalable and future-ready platform supporting disruptive technologies and AI being rapidly adopted by the manufacturing and mining sectors.

"SAP is integrating AI into their platform. I think that our customers are going to be looking for their suppliers, especially in mining and resources at the tier one level, to have AI integrated and optimising decisions being made on their behalf about supply, about the performance of offerings going into their equipment and obviously the support of their maintenance needs," said Hyder. "I really am looking forward to working with DyFlex on it because as usual I know that they're going to be reliable in telling us what it can and can't do.”


Geographe Enterprises

Geographe is a third-generation Australian business that provides precision-engineered solutions for heavy machinery to mining and resources clients across the globe. Our unique offerings solve problems on sites and specific issues with specific equipment instead of just replacing products like for like. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance and durability in every product delivered. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we boast a highly skilled team of engineers and tradespersons providing superior craftsmanship, service, and delivery exceeding expectations.

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