Beach Energy

Beach Energy System Integration

“The depth of Australian resource industry experience DyFlex brought to the team was one of their differentiators.”

When leading mid-cap oil and gas company, Beach Energy Limited, acquired upstream oil and gas business Lattice Energy from Origin Energy Limited, it needed  to  quickly  transition  from  enterprise  software  systems  provided  by  the previous owner.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid systems transition
  • Delivered on time and on budget
  • “Genuine partnering arrangement"

Beach  Energy  had  identified  operational  synergies  between  Beach  and  Lattice and its executive and management team were focussed on achieving a rapid and seamless integration.

“For  every  month  that  we  delayed  there  was  a  significant  cost  to  pay  for  transition  services,”  said  Cory  Resoort,  IT  Integration  Program  Director,  Beach Energy Limited.

Having recently implemented SAP for financials, Beach made the decision to transition the bulk of Lattice’s enterprise systems away from Oracle and onto SAP, and selected Australian SAP implementation partner, DyFlex Solutions, for the project.

In a selection process which boiled down to a final round with two competing bids,   DyFlex   presented   Beach   Energy   executives   with   a   high-quality   proposal.  DyFlex  also  demonstrated  a  high  degree  of  confidence  that  they  could transition Lattice to a tight deadline.

Beach  Energy  was  aware  it  had  set  an  ambitious  target.  

“Even  though  we  knew  it  was  a  challenging  deadline,  we  believed  we  could  do  it,”  said  Resoort.

Most of the functionality to be transitioned to SAP was new to Beach Energy. In additional to financials, which Beach already had, the company needed to enhance  SAP’s  joint  venture  accounting,  plant  maintenance  and  materials  management modules to replicate Lattice’s Oracle processes.

In the transition project, Beach Energy also implemented SuccessFactors – SAP’s  cloud-based  human  capital  management  suite  –  contributing  to  a  significantly more comprehensive suite of SAP solutions than it had before. User numbers also more than doubled with the Lattice acquisition.

“The approach that DyFlex brought to the table – with a templated solution for  plant  maintenance  and  materials  management  and  the  methodology  they  employed  for  implementation  and  testing  –  enabled  us  to  accelerate  the Lattice transition,” said Resoort.

DyFlex’s  confidence  that  it  could  deliver  and  Beach’s  faith  in  its  SAP  implementation partner were vindicated. DyFlex assembled a team of highly experienced Australian consultants who worked closely with Beach Energy in Melbourne  and  Adelaide  to  complete  the  transition  project  on  time  and  on  budget.

Training and change management was a key part of the program.

“What got us  across  the  line  was  the  way  we  were  able  to  test  the  systems  and  get  ready for transition – to make sure that everything worked, staff were trained and people were using the system correctly,” said Resoort.

A strong working relationship between Beach Energy and DyFlex Solutions meant   that   any   problems   encountered   were   overcome   with   minimal   disruption to the project.

“While  you  can’t  do  a  program  of  this  size  without  running  into  some  problems, there weren’t any we couldn’t overcome,” said Resoort. “We were having some issues with the data migration, for example, and DyFlex brought in additional resources without us having to argue about it.”

Having   successfully   partnered   with   DyFlex   on   two   substantial   SAP   implementation  projects,  Beach  Energy  is  well  positioned  to  build  on  its  enterprise software platform.

“DyFlex  made  themselves  easy  to  work  with,”  said  Resoort.  “Together,  we  focussed  on  the  outcomes  and  getting  the  right  results  rather  than  the  contractual agreement. I felt it was a genuine partnering arrangement, which is saying something. I  look  forward  to  the  opportunity  to  work  with  DyFlex  again  in  the  future.”


Beach Energy

Beach Energy is an Australian-based oil and gas exploration and production company. With operations both domestically and internationally, Beach Energy specializes in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas reserves. The company focuses on conventional and unconventional resources, utilizing advanced drilling and production techniques. Beach Energy is committed to sustainable and responsible practices, emphasizing environmental stewardship and community engagement. Beach Energy aims to deliver long-term value to its shareholders through efficient operations, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation in the energy sector.

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