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Power your tomorrow today with a public cloud ERP system

A delicate balance of people, processes, and technologies holds things together when a company is scaling rapidly. Inevitably, there comes a point when relying on small business software and adding more and more line-of-business applications becomes a blocker to scaling efficiently. For instance, a junior miner moving from exploration to production must graduate from a handful of people ticking things over to a surge in workforce and assets, production, suppliers, partners, service providers, customers, and more. Similarly, a company doubling in size with a merger or acquisition may face complicated financial reporting, compliance, and regulations, and existing systems can no longer give real-time visibility into financial, workforce and operational data.

In many scenarios, scaleups and companies planning rapid growth and expansion face unique challenges, such as preparing for fundraising rounds, scaling workforce capabilities and business operations, and implementing the technology and systems to enable growth and innovation.

Invest in a Cloud ERP system early

And therein lies another challenge: at what stage is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system needed? How does a business balance investing in technology and capability for each stage of its growth? When a company is growing at speed, with every aspect of the business turbocharged, slowing down to plan and implement an ERP system may be a low priority. But fundamentally, it is common sense that the company will only be able to maintain the growth momentum if its business technology can innovate and scale. The cost of implementing a cloud ERP system may seem high. Still, the return on investment in increased efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth can far outweigh the initial cost.

Investing early in a cloud ERP system can be a game-changer, simplifying the complexity that often accompanies growth and giving your business a competitive advantage. With a cloud ERP system, you can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and gain real-time visibility into your financial, workforce, and operational data. This is a stark contrast to competitors with complex and outdated systems, who face challenges adapting to change as they manage inefficient processes that require too much effort and inhibit business transparency, innovation, and growth.

Transformative potential of a cloud ERP

By leveraging accurate, timely, and readily available data, businesses can significantly enhance their chances of success. Research by IDC demonstrates that a public cloud ERP system, specifically designed for growing midsized companies, can be a game-changer. It can help businesses boost their revenue (with a potential total revenue gain of 12.1%), achieve higher operating margins (up to 11.2%), and increase productivity (by a staggering 36%)1. These figures underscore the transformative potential of a cloud ERP system, inspiring businesses to consider its adoption and envision the significant growth it can bring.

GROW with SAP is not just another off-the-shelf solution. It's a tailored offering explicitly designed to empower midsized businesses to grow. As a software-as-a-service public cloud ERP, it removes the barrier to entry for midsized businesses in need of an enterprise-grade cloud ERP system. This cloud solution enables companies to scale without breaking, by digitising and setting up future-proof core business processes through infrastructure stability. It's built on SAP's flagship ERP, with best practices representing function and process knowledge gained from SAP's 50 years of ERP experience, all built into the software and delivered out-of-the-box.  

GROW with SAP, THRIVE with DyFlex

The GROW with SAP offering, powered by SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, accelerated adoption services, and SAP Business Technology Platform, provides midsize companies with preconfigured best practices, embedded AI and automation capabilities allowing midsized companies to immediately adopt and see results and value early. By partnering with DyFlex Solutions, a trusted and experienced SAP Platinum Partner, companies get expert advice and guidance to deploy the proper functionality at the correct growth stage and ensure security of the company's proprietary data, intelligence, and systems. Grow with SAP and DyFlex expedite the cloud ERP rollout with proven tools and methodology. With a predictable scope and timeframe, there are no surprises through a proven deployment service. DyFlex and SAP are 100% focused on deploying an ERP system that drive business growth and adds value to growing midsized businesses.

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1 IDC Sept 2023: The Business Value of SAP Cloud ERP Solutions for Scaleup and VC/PE-Backed Companies

Robert McCarthy
As an IT professional with over 25 years of experience, Rob has a wealth of knowledge in implementing and project managing SAP and other solutions across various industries, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Health Care, manufacturing, and Professional Services. With a proven track record in both Australia and Europe, Rob's expertise has been instrumental in helping organizations achieve success through effective technology adoption. A specialist in cloud solutions such as S/4HANA Cloud and SuccessFactors HR, Rob's focus is on helping companies realise the full potential of their investments. As an SAP Platinum Partner, DyFlex provides top-notch service and innovative solutions to ensure that clients achieve their business goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.