ERP Implementation

At DyFlex we look to implement business solutions as opposed to a technology solution.  Our approach to our SAP Business ByDesign projects is no different, which allows us to focus on delivering a business solution.  With SAP Business ByDesign the issues normally associated with an on-premise ERP implementation are no longer a concern as the solution is ‘cloud-based’.  Cloud computing is becoming the norm for companies who are looking to focus on their core business.

DyFlex consultants have years of experience in the implementation of ERP solutions.  Our methodology is based on proven best practices for SAP Business ByDesign.  DyFlex professionals guide and oversee the entire process: from project kick off, to creating a project scope, to fine-tuning, to testing, to cutover and go-live, and finally to final acceptance.

Our ERP Implementation services include Project Management, Rapid Implementation methods, Business Process Workshops, Delta Recognition Workshops, Training and Post Go Live Support.

Business Intelligence

Business Discovery is a whole new way of viewing you business data . It’s a bottom-up approach that puts the business user in control. Unlike traditional BI, where just a few people are involved in insight creation, Business Discovery enables everyone to create insight. It’s about workgroups, departments, and entire business units having access to the data they need to make better decisions. Utilising the innovative technology embedded in QlikView we enable businesses to get real insight into their organization, enabling every end user to do their jobs smarter and faster than ever.  Our methods combined with the QlikView product enables all users to create tailored insights that meet their unique business needs and timelines. In essence, QlikView turns everyone into a highly-informed business analyst.

Project Recovery

In our many years experience we know that not all projects go as planned. This is an unfortunate fact of many initiatives undertaken by business. The reasons often fall into one or more of the following: project scope creep, too many customisations, inexperience on the side of the Vendor and customer, resistance to change and unreasonable expectations. It is our belief that all ERP projects that have gone astray are usually recoverable.

Our approach to regain momentum for an ERP project that is in trouble is to undertake an independent and accelerated assessment of what needs to be done to get the project back on track.