Concur Expense Management

A simple, fast solution

We all know that technology is moving at a rapid rate, so why not take your business along for the ride and save time and money while you’re at it? Concur provides an expense management system that allows you and your employees to manage expenses with the click of a button and the flash of a mobile or tablet camera. Offering a number of solutions to meet your business needs, Concur Expense is the smart way to track your company spend.


Concur’s automated tracking solutions makes submitting an expense claim easier than ever before, especially when you’re on the road! With the provision to capture and record credit card charges, cash purchases, as well as electronic receipts (e-Receipts) from vendors, the need for paperwork is significantly minimised, and so too is your employee’s times spent copying and scanning.


Concur’s e-Receipts solution allows users to scan, fax or send a photo of their receipts from their mobile device directly to an expense report in Concur, where approving managers can view and approve in real-time. A simple and fast alternative that ensures accurate records, not to mention the positive benefits for the environment.

Visibility into company spend

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects in managing a business, no matter the size, is keeping track of company spend and overall cash-flow. Concur Expense is a tried and tested solution that provides visibility across multiple expenditure channels. It helps you identify errors and fraudulent activity, and create reports utilising business intelligence tools, including analytics.


A portfolio that can truly save you money, Concur’s expense reporting mechanisms provide you with up-to-date, detailed information to assist with tracking budgets, travel policy compliance and vendor negotiations.

Specifically, you will be able set negotiated supplier rates in the system, identify travellers whose spending deviates from organisational policy, eliminate credit card fraud and late fees, as well as forecast future travel-related spend for planning and reporting requirements.

Mobile Management

Concur’s cloud-based solution, Concur Expense has been developed to work side-by-side with Concur for Mobile, meaning you can manage all of your travel and expenses from anywhere, at any time.

With the simple download of the Concur application, you can capture, upload and approve expenditure with the knowledge that your record-keeping is compliant with company policy. Better yet, you can also manage your travel itinerary, including flight, hotel and hire car bookings, and receive notifications of delays and changes as and when they occur with TripIt Pro from Concur. Find our more.