system inefficiencies

Don’t wait! Weed out inefficiencies in your business system

Can you honestly say you’re 100% satisfied with your current systems and business processes? Or have you noticed certain processes are being slowed down under the weight of your growing business? For most companies, single-purpose programs and systems are added as needed throughout the life of the business. So, by the time a company reaches rapid growth, there’s a whole number of single systems doing their own thing — supply chain management, finance, customer support, sales and marketing — rather than working together. But as you grow and expand, the necessity for having integrated, user-friendly business processes becomes essential. Otherwise,… more

Is your business too big for your outdated system?

When organisations experience a period of rapid growth there are many important issues that are front of mind. However, organisations rarely consider whether their outdated systems are equipped to handle the expanse of their business. Like a well-worn pair of shoes, your outdated systems are comfortable and familiar – but become limited and strained as the business continues to grow. These limitations include: Difficulty locating information across multiple systems An inability to meet increasing demand due to slower systems processes; and Increased time reconciling incorrect data across multiple platforms. Outdated systems hold back the potential of growing companies because they… more

Seeing double: the problem of duplicated data

Duplicated data occurs when an organisation has two or more disparate systems. These systems have no integration between them, meaning data needs to be entered manually multiple times. It is interfaced on a method that isn’t based on real-time data, and often requires cross-checking with other systems to verify the accuracy. Furthermore, because these disparate systems do not talk to one another, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the data occur frequently. When a record is updated on one system, that update does not automatically reflect across all systems.  Not only is this process a waste of time and money for the… more

Don’t run your business blindly: How to regain complete organisational visibility over your disparate systems

Would you ever cross a busy road wearing a blindfold? Of course not! If you can’t see where you’re going, you definitely can’t see the oncoming traffic speeding towards you. Without complete visibility, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. So, why do some businesses have this attitude when it comes to running their organisation? In order to make informed, and important, business decisions, you need reliable, accurate, real-time data. However, if you’re like most managers, you probably need to access two, three, or maybe even four systems to find the data you need. This problem stems from a lack of… more

SAP ByDesign 1705

SAP Business ByDesign release 1705 is now available, the second release of the year 2017 with a host of new features and enhancements. Highlights of the 1705 release include: HTML5 user interface can be accessed on the productive tenants for all functions offered by ByDesign except for Mashup Authoring, Design Key Figures, Text Pool Definition. Customer Incident Handling by partners can be enabled based on a business option available in the Business Configuration. With this it will be possible to forward incidents created by end users at the customer end to the partner(s) for assistance. The partner can access the… more

SAP ByDesign 1702

SAP Business ByDesign team is ready with the release 1702, the first release of the year 2017 with a host of new features and enhancements. Highlights of the 1702 release include: Enhancements in SAP Time Recording App allows to get an overview of the month calendar, push notifications of the time recording for the week, make field personalization settings and to save the employee times in draft status. HTML5 user interface for all application areas along with the self-service features will be available for productive usage. CRM, FIN, SRM and self-service were already supported with ByD1611. HCM, SCM, PRO and… more

Qlik Data Source Connectors

Our experienced Business Intelligence team has worked on projects connecting to most data sources and we are yet to find a database we cannot connect to. However, there are numerous standard connector packs for Qlik products that can dramatically reduce development time and allow for better discovery from your business data.  Some of the most common Qlik Data Sources are listed below; QLIK FOR SAP Download Factsheet Qlik for SAP ERP & BW The Qlik SAP Connector allows for connections to different data sources in an SAP environment including DSO, InfoCube, Open SQL, BEx Query or table. For example, it can… more

SAP Gold Partner

DyFlex Solutions achieves SAP Gold Partner status

We are excited to announce our new status as a SAP Gold Partner, the highest level of recognition in the SAP PartnerEdge Program. SAP Gold Partners are recognised as experts who deliver value-added solutions and services to SAP customers across the entire life cycle of activities such as sales, education, implementations and support. The SAP Gold Partner evaluation also reveals a strong focus on customer satisfaction and sales proficiency. Being Gold Certified gives us priority access to information and technical support via the SAP PartnerEdge Program so we can continue to provide outstanding implementations of the full range of SAP… more

Qlik Sense 2.0 is here

Qlik have really been making some exciting developments since the initial launch of Qlik Sense and have just announced the latest version, Qlik Sense 2.0.  This is already publicly available for all our users to download and enjoy. In short Qlik Sense 2.0, customers will be able to experience a number of great new features which I have highlighted below; Qlik Data Market. A ready to use data-as-a-service cloud offering. Smart Data Load. Allowing easier combination of data from multiple sources. Printing and Exporting. Including the ability to generate PDF reports. Fantastic! Smart Data Compression New Data Connectors User Interface Updates. Including but not limited… more