Ariba Spot Quote

Up to 43% of spending in organisations consists of tactical sourcing – Relatively low cost, one-time purchases or rush orders. Due to the low value and time pressures around purchases like these, people often do not follow proper procedures of getting the best price and service. Ariba Spot Quote solves this problem in the organisation, streamlining the procurement process and delivering rapid return on investment due to the savings your organisation can realise.

How Ariba Spot Quote works

  1. Let’s say someone in your organisation can’t find something they need in your catalogues.
  2. A purchase request shows up in your ERP system, and an RFQ is generated.
  3. Ariba Spot Quote then automatically builds and publishes the event in Ariba Sourcing.
  4. Ariba Spot Quote handles supplier discovery (if needed), and shepherds the process through bidding and award.
  5. The winning supplier/purchase information is submitted to your ERP as a PO or bid award.

The streamlined procurement process of Ariba Spot Quote eliminates a lot of paperwork while ensuring you get the products or services you need at a competitive rate.


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