About Ariba Network

With constant advances in technology and the notion of outsourcing gaining greater traction every day, businesses around the world are being forced to review their systems and processes in order to remain competitive. Ariba provides you with a platform that enables you to streamline your procurement and contracts management processes and, in turn, positively influence your partner relationships with heightened information sharing and communication.

Ariba runs on-premise or in the cloud

Ariba is a software solution that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and can be implemented to complement your current infrastructure investments. If you are looking for a network solution that will minimise your resourcing requirements as well as your operating costs, and maximise your sales leads and cash flow, join thousands of companies from around the world and capitalise on the Networked Economy in partnership with Ariba.

Benefits of using the Ariba Network

  • 4-15% reduction in unit price
  • 60% improvement in compliance
  • 4x increase in process efficiency
  • 20% improvement in working capital


Learn about your ROI

Dyflex Solutions can work with you to build a value assessment to establish your ROI from investing in the Ariba Network. Our value assessment leverages peer benchmarking and world’s best-practice, followed by a comprehensive evaluation of your end-to-end source-to-pay practices.

With the information gathered, Dyflex will calculate your Return-on-Investment as well as develop a strategy and accompanying implementation plan that will have you up and running with your Ariba solution within four weeks.

Contact us today to schedule in your value assessment.