Dyflex Solutions is a business solutions provider specialising in intelligent ERP solutions from SAP

Why DyFlex Solutions

Dyflex was founded on the basis that we would always strive to be the best at what we do, which is to provide our customers robust fit-for-purpose business solutions, outstanding service and predictable costs and outcomes.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers, their people, their business processes and their efficiency.

Our solutions aren’t built just on software, they are built from experience and enabled by software, providing our customers with immediate results and rapid ROI.

At DyFlex we believe subject-matter experts with a proven track-record are best placed to deliver outstanding results.  That’s why we employ people from a range of industry backgrounds such as mining and oil & gas who thoroughly understand both the industry and business requirements.

Each project we do is managed by people armed with extensive operational knowledge complemented by implementation experience ensuring the desired results are achieved.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers, their people, their business processes and their efficiency.

Jason Heaney

SALES director

Jason started his career as an accountant and became an end-user of SAP with a large petroleum company where he gained invaluable experience with the intricacies of the Oil & Gas industry.  This experience together with his aptitude for Solution Design ensurde that he was involved in most key Oil & Gas implementations in Western Australia.

Over the last three years he has been focused on sales and customer relationship management where he has been highly successful.

The key to this success has been on ensuring that the Customer is completely satisfied with the delivered solution.


Peter Lander

Managing director

Peter Lander, founder and Managing Director of Dyflex Solutions, has over 25 years in the ERP business.  He has consulting, sales and deep industry experience in mining, distribution and professional services.

He started his career as an accountant in South Africa with one of the Big 4.  On completing his articles, he founded the JD Edwards practice for PW which was hugely successful and the business model he developed was implemented by the partnership around the world.

Prior to Dyflex Peter founded and successfully led Courtland Business Solutions which was acquired in 2010 by an ASX listed organisation.

Under his leadership Courtland and Dyflex has received numerous industry awards including the ‘Innovation Partner for APJ” awarded by SAP.

Peter attributes his success to doing the right thing by the customer and always try and exceed their expectations.  Simply put: “Our Customers success will dictate the success of Dyflex

Richard Lissett

Operations director

Richard has over a decade of consulting and management experience, starting out as a functional consultant he specialised in the area of supply and logistics, before taking roles as a solution architect and then project manager. Over the last three years he has been focused on project delivery, methodology and practice management.

The key to this success has been focusing on engaging the correct levels of experienced consultants who understand the importance of project delivery via a proven methodology.

This practice management success and extended knowledge of ERP technology and delivery methods has progressed Richard during his career.